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Rebirthing Storm

Rebirthing Storm Aug. 29, 2016 Across those dark clouds jagged zippering lightening One, one thousand Two, one thousand Three one Boooooming Rumbling bowling ball thunder. Phew! So close! Open the window. Smell — smell the rain. Earth will live again!

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What the Cricket Knows

“Some of the ancients, divining the truth . . . reckoned that the soul knows things because it is composed of them.” Thomas Aquinas, 13th Century philosopher and Theologian “And those crickets last night? What? They know what their soul … Continue reading

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Eat Paper Drink Ink; Thrive

“He that hath never fed of the dainties of a book, he that hath not eaten paper as it were, he that hath not drunk ink, his intellect is not replenished.” Shakespeare Plumlover says, “Eat and drink great books and … Continue reading

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Who Hears Crickets in the Garden?

Aug. 11, 2016, morning journal notes. Sitting under grape vines in the arbor. Already summer flirts with autumn, courting with cooler mornings, boldly coiffed clouds, sweet showers, and the strong perfume of scented breezes. Last evening, the crickets; how do … Continue reading

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