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Heinlein said

In Robert Heinlein’s. The Notebooks of Lazarus Long, “A poet who reads his verse in public may have other nasty habits.” My response, I guess you women poets are fault free. Advertisements

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I was most gratified last week to discover the following, giving me some validation for my believe in poetry based on the body and sensate experience as spiritual as well as corporeal;  I will be using this in my next … Continue reading

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Excuse Me

From time to time I pick up this book,  An Approach to Poetry by Posphor  Mallam, published in 1930.  This book was  in the library of the second Colorado state Poet Laureate, Nellie Burgett Miller. Today, I read a perfect … Continue reading

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Enough of Beauty

Morning wind excites yellow trumpeting day lilies pink hollyhocks swirling their petticoats; please, may I have the next dance —

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