Lazy Poem

The snooze alarm chimed a second time.
This lazy poem was snoring.  So I said,
“Hey get out of bed. Get up, brush your teeth,
take a shower, it’s time to hit the road again.”
This poem rolled over, and
pulled the covers over its head.
“Come on, time to go.”
“Get out of here, leave me alone.”
I tickled the poem’s foot and
all it did was kick out at me and
curl up, fetal-like.
“I’ll leave without you, I promise.”
“Go ahead, leave me alone.”
“You’ll miss those killer pancakes at George’s in Walsenburg.”
“Shove it. I don’t like pancakes anymore.”
“Seeing all the antelope in the hi-lo country.”
“Big deal. Leave me alone.”
“Key lime pie at the Rising Star Bakery in Santa Fe.”
“Gag me.”
“We’ll be late for the book fair in Albuquerque.”
Nothing got this poem out of bed.

As a last resort, my suitcase in hand,
I said, “See you later, pal.”
I slammed shut the door and went out and
sat in the car. Sure enough, a minute later
the poem came running out, naked,
yelling, “Wait.” And rushed into the car.
I took one look and smell of it and said,
“You’re not going anywhere with me until
you brush your teeth, and take a shower.”
“But everyone’s going to see me naked.”
“They already did.”
“Then I’m going back to bed.”
And it did.


About Ciletti

Jim Ciletti, an award winning poet, filmmaker, and author, is the 2010-2012, Poet Laureate of the Pikes Peak region, and for 41 years, poet-in-residence for the Orme School Fine Arts Festival. Jim gives many workshops on the writing and performance of poetry, and makes poetry house calls to create personal poetry events. Ciletti loves everything Italian, including cooking for family and friends, and loves to plant garlic, make homemade wine, and eating peaches and plums. "Everyday is Christmas, but you don't always get everything you ask for. Sometimes more. Poetry celebrates life."
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1 Response to Lazy Poem

  1. Rosemerry says:

    I need to try this technique myself, Jim … thank you for the laughter this morning

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