First Flight (final)

First Flight

So — for weeks we watched baby robins popping up their heads,

opening their beaks to mama’s feedings of moths

other winged things and bugs. Yesterday

one baby on wobbly legs, stood up,  and

inched out onto the flat of the downspout

looking down, fluttering wings, winged things already

in her bloodstream, with knowledge of flight, air currents,

earth maps; mama’s perching in the nearby maple,

chirping; then baby backed back into the nest.

So — I went to my workshop to teach fledging students

how our feelings can take flight with words, even soar,

birthing emotions on our upsweeping heart’s breath.

Returning home — the nest is empty. I can only imagine

their first spread of wings, that downward headlong fall, gasp,

then grace of upswing, elation of flight. First kisses with

wind and sunfire: their song, breathing poems. My own as well.

Written to honor the fledgling robins nesting on our gutter’s downspout, and these fledgling artist/writers attending the Marie Walsh Share Art Foundation seminar at Colorado College: Samuel, Adam, Elizabeth, Oscar, Laurel, Lino, Sidnie, and Juan.

June 16, 2011 James Ciletti

Poet Laureate of the Pikes Peak Region


About Ciletti

Jim Ciletti, an award winning poet, filmmaker, and author, is the 2010-2012, Poet Laureate of the Pikes Peak region, and for 41 years, poet-in-residence for the Orme School Fine Arts Festival. Jim gives many workshops on the writing and performance of poetry, and makes poetry house calls to create personal poetry events. Ciletti loves everything Italian, including cooking for family and friends, and loves to plant garlic, make homemade wine, and eating peaches and plums. "Everyday is Christmas, but you don't always get everything you ask for. Sometimes more. Poetry celebrates life."
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